Jointly Appointed Faculty


Main Department and Title


Ta-Ho Yang

Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems, Professor

Lean Systems & Operation Management, Logistics & Facilities Planning, Multi-objective/Multi-criteria Decision Making, Simulation Optimization, Supply Chain Management

Yasutaro Nishimura

Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences, Associate Professor

Fusion Science, High Performance Scientific Computing, Plasma Physics

Yi Yang

Department of Physics, Associate Professor

High-energy experimental physics


Visiting Professor


Visiting Professor , Department of Mechanical Engineering , NCKU




Finite Element Method, System Dynamics, Mechanical Vibration, and Engineering Acoustics

Shih, Albert J.


Biomedical engineering, Manufacturing process development engineering, Pioneer biomedical manufacturing technology applications

An, Kai-Nan


Orthopedic Surgery

Y.J. Chao


Theoretical and experimental fracture mechanics, The reaction of materials and structures under impact loading


Adjunct Professor


The Unit and Title


Chen-Teng Kao

Northern Illinois University

Mechanical Engineering

Professor 98.02

Micro-molding technology

Bo-Shiung Wu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, NCKU


Mechanical manufacturing, Nano material and indentation detection technology, Vacuum and Coating Technology

Yu-Bin Chen

Professor, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, NTHU


Nano-grating thermal radiation, Micro-nano scale adjustable optical elements, Photoelectric energy

Chih-Shen Lin

Power Solutions International Company’s Chief Technical Officer 106.08

Internal Combustion Engine

Ting-Shan Wang

Retired Professor of the Department 1995.08

Engineering Japanese, Automatic control, Mechanical design

Ke-Rang Li

Retired Professor of the Department 1997.02

Morun Technology

Cheng-Bin Chiu

Retired Professor of the Department 1998.08

Mechanical heat flow

Yan-Hui Liang

Retired Professor of the Department 2004.02

The relationship between the performance of internal combustion engine and air pollution

Cheng-I Weng

Retired Professor of the Department 2004.05

Solid mechanics, Process analysis, Reverse engineering problem, MEMS, Molecular Simulation, Parallel Computing

Chao-Kuang Chen

Retired Professor of the Department 2005.02

Nonlinear stability analysis of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flows, Thermal stability analysis of electro-magneto-fluids, Heat transfer analysis of thermal dissipation and condensation problems, Finite-time thermodynamic cycles and thermal efficiency analysis, Thermo-elastic transient failure analysis

Shen-Tarng Chiou

Retired Professor of the Department 2016.02

Cam and gear mechanism design, Balancing design of mechanisms, Human body musculoskeletal models

Ching-Hwei Chue

Retired Professor of the Department 2016.02

Fracture Mechanics, Theory of Elasticity, Strength of Materials

Ming-Chang Shih

Retired Professor of the Department 2017.02

Digital Control & Automatic Control, Engineering Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control, Vehicle Suspension & Anti-Lock Braking System Control, Hydraulic Transmission System, Aerostatic Bearing & Hydrostatic Bearing

Ming-June Tsai

Retired Professor of the Department 2017.08

Kinematics, Machine Design

Rong-Shean Lee

Retired Professor of the Department 2019.02

Metal forming, Applied plastic mechanics, Computer-aided manufacturing

Lien-Wen Chen

Retired Professor of the Department 2019.08

Plates & Shells, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Structure Dynamics